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Structured, Streamlined, Efficient, and Inclusive

Talent Acquisition and Management

What makes Redlich Talent Advisors different?



We build rock-solid relationships based on
unwavering trust. Whether it's with our clients, partners, or each other, trust is the foundation that allows us to thrive and deliver exceptional results.


Open and honest communication is the driving force behind everything we do. No sugar-coating or hidden agendas, just straightforward and transparent interactions.


Kindness, respect, concern, understanding, and patience are the ingredients that make our partnerships thrive. We're all in this together, working side by side to achieve success.


Redlich Talent Advisors provides services that enable you to attract, hire, and retain top Talent 

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

  • Process Review, Design, Development and Implementation complete with Recruiter, Interviewer, and Behavioral Interview training

  • Strategy Review, Design, Development and Implementation including DE&I

  • Recruitment & Recruiter Training

People / HR

People / HR

  • H.R. / People Department set up

  • Talent Mapping 

  • Program Development, including Performance Management,Succession Planning, New Manager Training, DE&I, and Culture & Values 

  • Compensation: Market Surveys and Comp Band Development

  • Job Ladder Development

Fractional Talent or People Officer

Fractional Talent or People Officer

  • On Call to Assist with Any Talent or People issue that may arise

How We Work






Connect and Learn


Collaborate and Develop



Whether by phone, video, or in person we meet to uncover a clients specific

Deliverables, Terms, and Fees are presented and agreed upon.

We meet with your team to learn about your unique company, current processes, successes, and desired outcomes.

Strategy, process, and programs are developed that meet your objectives and set a path to success.

Deliverables are launched and stakeholders are trained on execution.

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